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Technical SEO Service provides the foundation to scale digital marketing success

Proper prosecution is critical to retaining performance.

Search machines have decreasingly placed further emphasis and advanced rankings on websites offering high-quality, stoner-friendly gests. That means it’s essential for moment’s businesses to have a solid digital foundation. That solid foundation starts with technical SEO.

Our technical expert team paves the way for digital marketing success. It’s not glamorous work, but like every home needs a good foundation, every website needs a solid beginning base of technical SEO. Attention to these essential details that boost a point’s performance is the key to helping your point rank over and beyond your challengers.

Our technical SEO services cover a scheme of central optimization sweats that get our SEOs agitated. Our professional expert team understands the nuances of technical SEO that deliver the maximum results for your budget. With affordable SEO services, only an Optimal marketing agency can provide, trust our expert team to take your website to the coming position.


Technical Site Audits

A deep- dive into your website’s technical profile

Gain perceptivity on the performance of your website while relating openings for enhancement by digging into your website’s technical details. Our technical SEO expert team’s checkups cover a host of vital checkpoints, including

Penalty Recovery

Have you been struck with a penalty?

Whether you have been functioning with another agency that didn’t follow stylish practices, or you fell off the results runner for unknown reasons, our knowledgeable SEO expert team has diagnosed and successfully recovered the character of innumerous websites throughout the times.


Website Migration

Strictly managed website migrations 

Growing businesses frequently evolve to new website platforms, sphere names, or transition to a secure browsing experience( HTTPS). The migration process presents a host of implicit complications that can hamper your point’s performance and beget your fact of losing business.

Proper prosecution of a point migration is critical to retaining performance.

Our expert team of educated technical SEO specialists has successfully migrated thousands of websites. Benefits of using our expert team for your migration include

Speed Optimization

No one wants to wait for a slow loading website.

Let our expert team run a speed test on your point to get the ball rolling.

We’ll report on our findings and recommend ways to achieve maximum performance.


Structured Data Markup

Enhance search machines’ understanding of your point

enforcing structured data vocabularies (schema.org) helps define content on your website to prop the search machines’ knowledge of important information.

Our technical SEO work can spark enhanced search results by exercising structured data luxury law (JSON- LD) on your point. Improved search results lead to increased visibility and bettered click-through rates for your business.

Competitor Analysis

Understand your competitive geography 

Our SEO expert team puts on our investigator headdresses and reaches out to your competition. Using a host of SEO tools from our analysis tool belt, we dig deep into your challengers’ web presence.

We gain perceptivity on broad and niche challenges  both at the public and original situations  each while probing a myriad of checkpoints, including


Image Optimization

The art and wisdom of an optimized image 

Users prefer a point with illustrations. It makes happiness easier to digest and let’s face it.  

Our SEO experts will take your images and optimize them for your users and Google’s enjoyment.

Backlink Analysis

Backlinks play a vital part in determining SEO performance

Our backlink analysis provides a complete review of your backlink profile, relating where links appear from and what runners they direct to. A comprehensive backlink analysis uncovers link-structure openings that serve as a starting point for an effective off-runner search optimization strategy.


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